CONSCIOUSNESS COURSE November and/or December 2017

It’s been a long time in the making…  silently brewing under the surface for many years… and gradually bubbling up to the surface…

‘Consciousness Course’ brings together what I see as my main work, into a cohesive model for understanding ourselves and reality. Why do we need it? To live as fully as possible. The more we’re aware of, the greater the possibilities available to us.

As modern human beings, we largely focus on our personal/cultural ‘real world’ story of duality, 5-sensory reality… at the expense of the wider whole. This ‘wider whole’ is not some abstract ‘out there’ irrelevant thing. It is our deepest, truest nature.

The course shows how we essentially are all that it is we seek (…but that doesn’t mean we should necessarily stop seeking… give up trying, or hold back from full expression…). It makes it clear that we operate in both realms- the day-to-day, with all its relative ups and downs, trials, tribulations and celebrations- and as the Pure Peace of Universal, Undivided Being. Both the ‘Journey’ and the ‘Destination’… the ‘getting there’ and the Being Here.

The integration of this information is down to you. For this is all your own consciousness, exploring. That’s the whole point! This is all the play, the dance of your own Consciousness. What you choose to do with the love you are bestowed with, again, is up to you. But clarity of knowing who we (Ultimately) are brings clarity in expressing our self and meeting our needs (relatively). It sounds obvious… but looking around it is clear we need this information. A new ‘Way of Seeing’ what it is to be here… alive on this Earth as spiritual being(s) in embodied experience… as Consciousness experiencing Itself. The Essence in the material, and the material in the Essence.

The world needs a new story beyond false narratives- and so do we. One that is innately ours.

DATES: 2nd, 9th, and 16th November 2017, OR;

7th, 14th and 21st December 2017 (Thursdays 8pm-9.15pm).

LOCATION: Cornerstone Community Centre, Brighton/Hove.

COST: £33 (Includes a book, ‘The Timeless’)

MORE INFORMATION: To get a feel for the content, ‘search inside’ THESE.

The course takes the ‘yogic path’ approach of direct experience,

rather than ‘empirical scientific,’ yet combines inner/outer, subject/object.

TO BOOK: Prior booking essential. Contact


Truly seen, this is all the Realm of The One. But if that’s not deeply felt and known, if it’s not our direct experience, then it’s irrelevant to us, and nothing anybody says about it can be fully heard- the ‘best we can do,’ in this case, is adopt Oneness as a ‘nice idea,’ a concept.


But as concept only, Oneness has limited power. It can even be dangerous! A fluffy herd believing sentimentally in pie-in-the-sky unity is easily swayed and manipulated by questionable political forces.


But what’s the True Politics? Politics is power relations. True Power is Knowledge of Who You Really Are- and the Pure Potential that implies.


For our personal fulfilment, and the wellbeing of the collective, we’d do well to understand Oneness.


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s understand… our self. Let’s work and play with where we are… following the thread of Consciousness we are presented with… here and now.


So how do you relate to yourself? How do you conceive of yourself? Who are you?


Through looking deeply into who we are, examining the identifiers and identities of the world of separation we get attached to… and seeing through false labels, we get the Heart of the matter. The Consciousness at Root.


Walls dissolve and Love emerges. Not fluffy Love, Real Love. The Knowledge of Consciousness and its Freedom.


Which is Our Freedom.


But don’t my word for it!


For as long as we’re operating in separation consciousness, it is an understanding of the reality and unreality of separation that can point us there.


If separation appears self-evident to us, it can serve as an inroad to Oneness. If indeed, we’re ready and willing to look.


Oneness may be the Ultimate Truth, but if separation appears self-evident to us, we must follow the thread of our own time-space journey!


Allow me to share with you!


My BOOKS support your own Direct Inquiry into Oneness and separation. The most recent one, written last year and published earlier this year, is NON-DUALITY AND DUALITY. You can ‘look inside’ it on the website.


It’s all Consciousness- the State of your own Being that sees, from the inside out. We create from Here. We Are Consciousness, creating! What we see is consciousness too. It’s all a pointing back to yourself- your own (stage of) Consciousness. Loops of being… that start and end with us.


So Who Are You? What are you here for?


BRIGHTON ADVAITA SANGHA is a gathering where we explore this together. We’ve got a Facebook group too.


CONSCIOUSNESS COURSE (a video and info HERE) is the culmination of a lot of inner (and outer!) work and starts 8th June 2017. It’s a month-long course, 4 Thursday evenings. Essentially it presents a way of seeing Universal Wisdom in a new and unique all-embracing context- it is a synthesis of Universal Truth and our separate individual experience of it. An integrative overview, a sweepingly broad perspective- and yet it does not ignore the specific, but accommodates it, providing the necessary context to our otherwise seemingly fragmented individual lives.


It is not a ‘fix’ for the problems of your separate life, nor a spiritual by-pass, but a model that points to that which is beyond modelling- Life Itself- implicitly helping us find our place within it. As It! This course could be of huge value to you, establishing or deepening your sense of connection to the Wholeness of Being, leading to the Direct Experience of greater meaning in life. A deeper understanding of Who You Really Are- who we all are- in the Universal sense (…and therefore, how to move forward in our many different ways). True Self, beyond just a construct. Contact me with any questions Places are available.


Yes, it’s all Consciousness, and it’s all the movement of Consciousness.


Consciousness, moving…


EARTH SKY DANCE (testimonials HERE) continues each Friday and Saturday eve in Brighton/Hove throughout June and July, in small and wonderful groups…


YOGA classes at Brighton Buddhist Centre still going strong.


IN AUGUST I’M TAKING A BREAK FROM ALL REGULAR CLASSES. Some classes will be cancelled, others covered by different teachers- news on that nearer the time.


Earth Sky Dance will be at SUN AND MOON FESTIVAL at Herstmonceux Castle on 31st July, 1st and 2nd August. Then at SAND (SCIENCE AND NONDUALITY) Gathering in Italy, which I’m really looking forward to!


Hopefully I’ll see you soon.


Happy Journeying!



CC: CONSCIOUSNESS COURSE – Starting June 8th 2017 in Brighton, UK

This is the culmination of all my work so far. The cost is £47 for the 4-week course, and it is well worth it (even if I do say so myself!), for the state of mind and being it has the potential to open up. Clicking on either flyer below will take you to some old work that is the rudimentary basis of this new course. It’s come a long way since then (as have I!), but the information may provide some useful context. Email to book a place.

Consciousness Course Flyer 1

Consciousness Course Flyer 2


JAN 2017 – Three New Books Published

After a lot of hard work, I have had my first three books published. These were originally written in 2009 (‘we are awakening…‘), 2012 (‘we are awakening… Full Circle of the Sun‘), and most recently, 2016 (‘Non-Duality and Duality‘). After sitting with the message for a long time, it is still as relevant as ever- perhaps even more so. And so, after bringing them fully up-to-date, I’ve set them free, finally released through the official channels. Go via or search directly for ‘Nathan Godolphin’ on Amazon.






Hi All,

These updates are few and far between! Lots to share…

-YOGA @ BRIGHTON BUDDHIST CENTRE – I now teach 6pm every Wednesday (until March 2017). It’s generally gentle and meditative, with some stronger postures too. Details on BBC website here.

-BRIGHTON ADVAITA SANGHA – Universal Spiritual Truth! We all share in it. Come to meditate, come to listen and share your reality in this community of Oneness (and separation)! Saturdays 6.30pm at About Balance Brighton. Meetup Group. Closed Facebook Group.

-EARTH SKY DANCE – The Dance of Life! Here’s a space, here’s some music… what are you going to do with it? Fridays and Saturdays every week (check it’s listed on Meetup). Meetup Group. Public Facebook Group. Website.

All the groups I offer are in service to Life! That might sound lofty, but what else is there to serve? We’re all in service to Life, are we not?! If not, what are we doing?!

These groups all stem from what I see as ‘My Main Thing’. They are attempts to express it. To bring it into experience. But what is it? A Philosophy of the Heart. A Way of Seeing the world and ourselves. The conscious exploration of The Meaning of (and in!) Life.

Over years of deep inquiry I’ve been honing this understanding- and it has been honing itself! I’ve been quietly zooming out and zooming in, bringing it into focus. It incorporates both the Ultimate Truth of Oneness, and the separate, differing, relative day-to-day realities. It is rooted in the central importance of Knowing Who We Are (beyond appearances, and yet also reflected in them…). It is at once a framework for seeing- and invitation to being- the Freedom that is already ours. Already ours… but we need to see it to be able to embrace it. To make our potential conscious, known… so we can step up and into it.

I’m excited about this. I feel strongly that it is the deep knowledge context we all need to empower ourselves. Look out for books and talks in 2017! :-)

Nathan Godolphin