All my work comes back to- and comes from- The Universal Spiritual Core. It is about returning to this One Pure Consciousness. Through direct inquiry and experience. This is our Self Realisation. It is ours to have. To Be. To Live. Living from Here, in the Awareness of our Spiritual Truth- in the world- is Divine Integration.

It’s All happening Now, in us. Us, in the world, rooted and ascended, staying connected to The One. If we are. Are we? We forget to remember. This is Timelessness… happening in time and space. Losing Itself to find Itself once more. The unfolding and re-folding process- the movement- of what remains Still and Unmoving, Eternal and Unchanging.

Our opportunity is to know Who We Are beyond only the time-space constructs of separation- to align with the Ultimate Space of Truth (which is Whole), and live it out in our relative experience. Aligned- and aligning- to The One.

It is a practice. It is The Practice. And it all folds back in to the Source from which it came. It is happening everywhere and nowhere.

This is Being in the world, remaining in Spirit Primarily. It is our Eternal Truth that lasts beyond the lifetimes… and is to be honoured within them.




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Earth Sky Dance is a freeing movement practice. It’s free dance. No steps to learn, it’s about being where you are and moving from there. From Here! Where you are! Wherever you happen to find yourself. Coming back to Centre and moving outwards, spinning, whirling, dancing… out into the world and back in again, returning to Silence. It’s structured for freedom and guidance is offered. The music is awesome! Moving Meditation. Conscious. Ecstatic. Buzzwords! Click on picture for website.


Yoga is at the Heart of what I offer, and this webpage is dedicated to it. Merely represents it. For Yoga is about Union with your living, breathing, organic Self and direct access to Spirit through Being Present to what you are feeling in the moment. In the body. With the breath. It is less about stretching and more about Being. Letting ourselves relax and unwind, to meet ourselves in a calmer place than the average day-to-day. Classes currently being offered in various contexts in Brighton and Hove, UK.


I like to write about Everything and Nothing! About the Nature of Self and the Universe. It’s Yogic understanding, with a Loving Core and a hard hitting edge. Based on deep watching, observation, it’s grounded and elevated- in the world, but not of it. The Science of Direct Experience- an internal perspective on external events. Seeing from Source. Seeing the root of the external play-out world, and thus our opportunity and responsibility to come back to ourselves to stop the madness once and for all!

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I have a 1st Class (Hons.) degree from UCL (University College London). But all this work now is of a completely different nature. It is radically my own- and of universal relevance. Beyond external references and personal limitations, it is of direct experiential connection to the inner depths- To the Source of Life we are. This Creative Moment in which we decide. That which exists within us all. That is us all. Is all us. All. One. HereNow.

This approach is one that goes beyond time and space- while deeply honouring the experience it gives us. The primary focus now is on the Essence (of) Who We Are. Source, Destination and Present Moment. Here, we are undeniably Real. Here we choose. Here we create.

It has to be like this. It is our freedom and responsibility. For if we lose ourselves (our Self) in structures of someone else’s making, where are we? Where is our power if we deny it? Where is Life if we place it outside ourselves before seeing it within?

What I offer is what is perennially offered- a chance to align to what is Real. Rather than getting lost in what is not.

It is about reinstating the Love within ourselves, helping us to create and experience it all around us.

It’s about reinstating the Heart of Love as Self primarily. And seeing from there. Being from there. Here. That We Are, in Stillness and in motion.

Rather than denying Truth and settling for something else- something less- we are gaining the courage to face it. It is not a bust system of removal from ourselves, heading further down the line of time and into oblivion. It is Life seeing Life. All there is.

Knowing Self, we can learn to live it in all its aspects. This is the Journey that I am on- that many of us are on- and it is one that seeks sharing. My work is about aligning to what is Real, in a sea of fallacy… and helping you to do the same.

Happenings in Life can blow us off Centre. What I aim to share is a way back in, in a variety of contexts.

I hope to offer guidance for you to find your own way back in. In order to come out again in Love. The Love That We Are.